10 things to know before starting architecture School

To be an architect, you need to cultivate a passion for it, and once you have it, you will fly high both in school and in the field.

Before starting architecture school, a student must be aware of few steps.

Here are unique tips to be followed:

Drawing and Fine-Sketching is the Key
Hone up your drawing skills as you would be needing it on daily basis. As an expression of your thinking process, drawing allows you to communicate you learned and learnable ideas to the outer world. Culture, progress, as well as practice in the field of architecture hinges upon the skill of fine drawing.

Tools Matter more than Money
When asked to carve a model out of planks, use sharp-edged scalpels. Despite that you may be apprehensive towards comparatively higher costs of scalpel blades, do not fall for cheaper ones. The money saved by buying cheaper blades would flow out of your purse for costs born on accidental finger-rashes and spoilt materials.

Fill Your Walls With Ideas
Thirdly, buy a large box of wall pins. You will need those all around, on walls, cardboards, arrange your drawings, and fix points on raw sketches. Once you partake the drawing activity, do not dump any of your vital piece of creativity. Just pin those on walls in a systemic way.

Be Around Teachers
Turn to your tutors. They are matchless reservoirs of knowledge and, most of all, practical wisdom. Each instructor at the architecture school would color you with a refined and vetted skill and will lead you through the ladders of success. Engage with them, show them drawings, ask them corrections, and follow whatever gems they pour by your way.

Develop Reading Habit
Subscribe to some architecture magazine or journal and develop a regular reading habit. It will not only provide you inspiration but also lead you to acquire means and resources to materialize your aspirations.
Rehearse Writing Like an Architect
The sooner you grasp the importance of recording experiences and tips in a journal of your own, the better it is. Contrary to the expectations that architecture school would be a place of visual instructions only, you would have to endure numerous writing exercises here. So, preparation and rehearsal in the key.

Take Power Naps
Be mindful that insomnia is never a disease for a student of architecture. Build a habit of power naps as you would be having sleepless nights, more often than not. But still, health is what matters the most. So adjust our lifestyle accordingly.

Take Care of Your Back
On number eight, you would be spending long hours bent over your models. Hence, posture matters here the most. No one wants to have recurrent backache. All you need to be careful of is not to bend your backbone too much or too long. Lie down, stand up, or straighten your back almost hourly.

Grab Your Headset
Music made of serene yet delicate rhythms would be your best companion. The tunes will avert boredom and lead you to get through the concentration spans smoothly.

You are An Architect
And last, not the least, remember, skills acquired in a learning activity matter much more than grades. Students might not fetch good grades as the marking pattern in architecture schools is often brutal. Do not be disheartened, you will take skills along with you for sure.