What you need to know to be an Architect

Needed to know what it takes to be an architect? You are not lost. You will have everything you needed by the end of this article. Firstly, you need to know what an architect is, what kind of work he is associated to, who are his employers, what is needed to become one, whether it is a demanding job, when and where are architects needed most, just to mention but a few.

What are the duties entailed to an architect
The main duties that an architect does are generating the plans, designs, and reviewing the constructions of buildings. During designing, the architect is hired by a client and he works together with the client to ensure that the design meets the desired requirements of the client. The architects make several proposals and send them to the client to ensure he meets all requirements of his client. It is a complicated and demanding process that see the architect applying what he learned plus imagination to get a clear and quality design. He also plays part in reviewing the construction of the building by regularly visiting and checking whether the contractor is in line with the plan. In addition to that, the architect plays a major role in Environmental Planning. He is the one in charge of ensuring whatever he designs does not create major impacts on the environment. He also remains abreast with the environmental law to ensure he meets the standards.

Who are the architect employers?
Many architects prefer to work as free-range architects. This is where they are licensed by a legit government firm but there-after they become free-range such that they are hired by any client. They are others who opt to be employed by the government to be designing the governmental projects as well as government based organizations. However, others are employed by private organizations.

Education Information
In many countries, to become a registered architect, you have to get a Bachelor’s degree. In that case, the Bachelor of Architecture degree takes an average of 5 years. To get a master’s degree you further your bachelor degree with some 2-4 years. In the typical degree program, you learn the basics of becoming an architect and courses in history of architecture, environmental impacts, building designs, and the Computer-aided Design and Drafting like Civil 3D, AUTOCAD, and ARCHICAD.

In some countries, there are registered Institutes that can offer the course. You then attend a lengthy internship program that lasts up to 3 years. From there you get registered as an architect by a government firm then you can now start getting clients.

What the Future Has for Upcoming Architects
Architecture is a career choice whose demand project to have a gradual increase in the coming years. There are simply many industrious processes happening among them is in the structuring of modern structures that fit the needs of the environment as well as technology. For that reason, architects are getting in a period of high demand. Many architects are now experiencing long days of working especially those working on a deadline.

Here is architect’s plan

Below are youtube links showing basics of architecture. The technical handwriting skills used by the Architect and Engineers.